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Technology Services

Ensmile also offers advanced technological solutions to its partnering dentists, orthodontists, and dental/orthodontic laboratories for the digitized management of the patients’ cases from their network clinics and distributors.

Built as a critical design-thinking eco-system solution, the Nexus platform optimizes the workflow of dental clinics and distributors for their clear aligner practices. The platform enables the digital submission of the patients’ impressions for the AI powered treatment planning by Ensmile’s clinical team, and their instant approval from the treating dentists. Besides this, the platform also enables the centralized storage of the patients’ digital impressions and treatment planning for subsequent measuring of the accuracy and success rate of the clear aligner treatments.

Nexus also has the ability to serve as the organization-wide enterprise solution for the management of myriad functions of procurement, inventories/materials, production, shipping, invoicing & payment functions up to the clinic level.

Technology Service