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Why aligners are better than metallic braces


Aligners are made up of plastic and they are custom made and As we all know aligners are invisible and
less noticeable than metallic braces they are transparent and clear. You have to wear it 22 hours in a
day . Aligners are removable you can take them off before eating you can eat your favorite food And
your diet won’t be effected at all aligners are very hygienic as you can remove them you can brush
your teeth after having your meal and with metallic braces eating meal is a big challenge because
usually food stuck in your teeth and it is very difficult to brush your teeth and you have to carry a pocket
mirror with you through the day . Aligners are faster than traditional braces

“The main thing you can change is how you perceive yourself. Stop looking in the mirror and realize that you are living for yourself, not other people.”

March 18, 2021  – posted by Ayesha Bukhtyar in Ensmile Invisible Aligners