The invisible Braces is a revolution in this type of treatment because it allows placing the malposition of the teeth without anyone noticing.

The orthodontist at Ensmile, explains that there is no contraindication for this type of orthodontics, any patient can wear it just like fixed orthodontics.

“It depends mainly on the case, if the patient has some gum disease in which this type of treatment is not indicated because the problem is not solved. In reality, there is no one who cannot wear transparent orthodontics, ”he says.

The invisible orthodontics site offers the following advantages : It goes completely unnoticed. It is very comfortable. The patient can remove it for cleaning and eating. It is changed every two weeks. Very hygienic thanks to easy brushing. It authorizes contact sports. It helps maintain the aesthetics and pace of life required by patients with intense social lives or constantly traveling and attending meetings. 

How is invisible Braces performed?

Invisible braces consists of a transparent splint that is performed on a 3D computerized system. The first step is to make a mold of the mouth of the patient with the malposition or other problems that he has at this time.

Next, the computer will generate the patient’s mouth with the perfect teeth and the evolution will be seen throughout the treatment. These transparent plates are renewed weekly.

The advantages of invisible Braces:

The main advantages of aligners over braces is that the times are shorter in the treatments. “We remove a lot of movements that are not necessary. In addition, we do not invade the patient’s routine because the aligners can be removed and lead a normal life, whether they are a teenager, a child or an adult”, he explains.

Other advantages to highlight are:

Aligners can be taken anywhere, practicing any sport, playing instruments… What you can’t do with them is brush your teeth or eat.

This means that the patient has to go to the dentist less often.

It also prevents sores or wounds from appearing. The force of the aligners on the teeth as programmed is less than with braces and this makes it less obtrusive and invasive for patients.

Do I have to wear Invisible Braces?

Many patients already know that they must wear braces because they have space between the teeth or they are crowded. The only way to fix it is with orthodontic treatments.

The best way to know whether or not to wear this type of appliance is by going to the orthodontist’s office. At the clinic, the mouth is checked, an assessment is made, an X-ray of the entire mouth is performed, and a diagnosis is obtained. It explains what problem you have in your mouth, the cause and how to solve it.

Less sore and chafing problems The invisible orthodontic treatment consists of fitting a removable dental appliance mainly made of thermoplastic, made to measure, and almost invisible. The dental aligners are worn throughout the day, between 20 and 22 hours a day, and need to be replaced regularly (twice a month) to allow the modification of the position of the teeth smoothly.