Teeth Whitening for a Radiant Smile

    The Ensmile teeth whitening is to recover the original color of your teeth. Teeth whitening price in Pakistan varies depending on the method recommended. Do you want to display a sparkling, healthy smile? The only drawback: your teeth are yellowed, dull, gray… A sign of the passage of time, heredity or a consequence of external factors, dyschromia (alteration of color) can be improved. Teeth whitening price in Pakistan varies depending on the method recommended by the dentist to the patient.

    The advantage of doing teeth whitening in Pakistan in our clinic is to be able to benefit from a complete choice of techniques that will effectively meet the needs of each patient.

    It is indeed possible to whiten your teeth thanks to perfectly effective care and aesthetic treatments , without pain and with immediate results. By calling on a dentist, you entrust your smile to a professional who will know exactly what to do to restore it to its full whiteness.

    What is Teeth Whitening?

    The Ensmile tooth whitening is to recover the original color of your teeth or a lighter shade than the present. This is different from one person to another. This is why the dentist will first use a color chart to set the goal of whiteness to be achieved, on a case by case basis. Your dentist will give you the teeth whitening price in Pakistan by estimate during the preliminary consultation.

    Tooth “Whitening” or “Brightening”?

    The term whitening has long been used to define the action of restoring radiance to teeth. We also speak of “clarification” to designate this treatment, which is undoubtedly closer to reality. It is a question of obtaining the best result in accordance with your wishes and our advice.

    Teeth Whitening: Why do it?

    In Which Cases to Resort to Tooth Whitening?

    Many factors are involved in the evolution of tooth color. First, age; over the years, the enamel, the outer layer of the tooth, decreases in thickness and reveals the natural yellow color of the dentin. Oral hygiene is also involved in yellowing; accumulation of tartar and dental plaque alters the color of the teeth.

    But dull, yellowed or even blackened teeth also have other origins:

    • Genetic reasons
    • Lifestyle: diet (coffee, tea, sweet foods, red fruits, wine, etc.), dental hygiene, tobacco, etc.
    • Certain drugs, antibiotics and medical treatments
    • A traumatic shock
    • Devitalized teeth

    Whatever the reason for the discoloration of your teeth, there is a therapeutic solution to make them whiter . Far from a grandmother’s technique such as activated charcoal which can be harmful to your teeth, first take advice from a professional who will know how to diagnose your teeth and correctly guide you on the treatment to be adopted.

    Teeth Whitening in Pakistan

    The Different Techniques to Make Teeth White

    Several techniques aim to whiten teeth ; they can be combined with each other depending on the cases of dyschromia.

    1. Scaling, the 1st step for effective tooth whitening

    After examining your mouth, if your teeth are stained or have tartar, it is essential to clean your teeth. If it is plagued by dental plaque and tartar , the whitening agent will have difficulty working.

    So that it is not hampered by any obstacle, the professional proceeds to descaling. The trick is then to adopt an irreproachable oral hygiene in order to keep your smile.

    2. Session going?

    In the office, the professional first passes a protective cream on the lips and then sets up a retractor which will keep the mouth open. He then installs protections on the gums, mucous membranes and skin. He can therefore apply the whitening gel to the teeth.

    3. The whitening lamp

    It is the same principle as the laser lamp , but without the laser. A cold blue light is projected to activate the gel applied to the teeth. The whitening lamp is used by dentists, but also in “smile bars”, these signs which have flourished in number for several years in Pakistan.

    Home Bleaching

    Home Bleaching refers to dental whitening techniques performed at home. This may cover commercially available toothpastes and whitening kits as well as devices prescribed by your dentist. If the kits contain basic aligners in the office, impressions of your teeth, lower and upper, are prepared. This will make it possible to make dental casts used to produce thermoformed trays.

    4. Outpatient sessions for home whitening

    The teeth whitening front can therefore be done at home, using the techniques of Home Bleaching . After making the correct aligners for your jaw, the dentist will explain how to use them with the whitening gel and in what dosage. Sometimes it is necessary to wear the molded bows all night or only a few hours during the day, and for a varying number of weeks. It all depends on the balance sheet that will have been established beforehand.

    5. Definitive tooth whitening

    Regardless of the tooth whitening technique chosen, the results will not be definitive. It is generally considered that it is necessary to renew the treatment every two years, or even every year. It can be tedious. The dentist can then suggest that you place dental veneers and prostheses, the size and color of which will be personalized. 

    Precautions and Warnings

    Teeth Whitening is not a Trivial Treatment, be Vigilant

    There are precautions to take before resorting to tooth whitening . First of all, there are general contraindications:

    • Children under 16
    • Pregnant or breastfeeding women
    • People suffering from oral problems: gingivitis, advanced caries , periodontics .
    • People allergic to hydrogen peroxide

    This is why it is essential to call a professional and ask him advice ; a dentist will indeed know if you can perform this type of dental treatment. This is absolutely not the case with smile bars, which do not benefit from any medical supervision and can therefore potentially be a source of danger. 

    If you have gum disease or excessive plaque buildup, your dentist may recommend a Teeth Scaling procedure to prevent it from getting worse. 

    Teeth scaling Price in Pakistan

    The teeth scaling price in Pakistan is 8000/- PKR. It takes between 30 minutes and an hour. For this reason, many dentists practice overrun fees for teeth scaling.

    Teeth Whitening Price in Pakistan

    Teeth Whitening Price in Pakistan is 9’999 Rupees for treatment at Ensmile invisible dental aligners. This is why it is essential to make the first appointment to estimate the care to be performed. This will be defined according to your expectations, your needs, and respect for your teeth’ health, all for a lasting and aesthetic result.

    Teeth whitening in Lahore offers a full range of treatments to give your teeth a natural, healthy look. Get up to 10 shades whiter with the most effective stains removal techniques and professional advice.

    If you’re in Islamabad, Pakistan then, Achieving a white, beautiful and perfect smile is now within your reach with cheap teeth whitening in Islamabad.



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