Teeth Scaling and polishing


    What is Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

    To reduce the risk of gum disease or to help prevent it from getting worse, your dentist may recommend that you have a professional cleaning, called teeth scaling and polishing, to get your teeth cleaned properly.

    Gum disease is often caused by a build-up of plaque, the best way to remove it is to brush your teeth twice a day. But no matter how well you clean your teeth, there will always be hard-to-reach areas that are hard to keep clean. 

    In these areas, plaque can build up and eventually mineralize to form a hard, crusty deposit called calculus or tartar, which is impossible to remove just by brushing your teeth. If not removed, more plaque can accumulate around the tooth and potentially below the gum line, leading to the progression of gum disease.

    What can you expect from Teeth Scaling and Polishing?

    Teeth Scaling and polishing can be done by the dentist or hygienist. The first “scraping” stage removes plaque and tartar deposits. Often an ultrasound scraper is used first to remove the bulk of the tartar, followed by specialized hand instruments to scrape off any stubborn debris.

    The next step is to “polish” the teeth to make the surface really smooth. Although polishing removes stains leaving teeth shiny and lustrous, it is not just a cosmetic procedure. It also smooths out small blemishes and rough patches on teeth to protect them from further plaque build-up.

    Your dentist will advise you how often you should have teeth scaling and polishing. They may recommend using a specific toothpaste to help remove plaque between visits to the dentist.

    Teeth scaling and polishing,  also known as dental curettage,  is a technique for dental treatment of periodontal diseases. It is important to emphasize that this technique involves of the roots of the teeth. 

    But you should also know that not going to remedy when suffering from gingivitis or inflammation of the gums can cause the loss of teeth.

    Indications for Scaling and Polishing:

    The gingivitis and periodontitis are two of the most common gum disease requiring curettage.

    Scraping and smoothing can be done with curettes (hence the name curettage) or with ultrasound. But they can only be prescribed and performed by the dentist. For this reason, we recommend that you make annual or semi-annual visits to the dentist.

    Only in these reviews can it be detected in time. Otherwise, you may have symptoms and not realize it.

    Definition of curettage:

    It is a   that removes bacterial plaque and tartar that you cannot see, which is below the gums. It is performed tooth by tooth and eliminates bacteria in this area, preventing gingivitis and pyorrhea from worsening.

    Its objective, therefore, will be to eliminate the gum infection, as well as to stop its progress.

    Difference between teeth scaling and polishing:

    Although they go together, we can differentiate both concepts because they refer to different techniques. Teeth scaling is a technique that involves removing plaque and tartar from the tooth and line amole would cement or LAC. 

    While smoothing involves removing the plaque embedded in the root of the tooth in order to reduce inflammation of the gums. In this case, the smoothing prevents the biofilm from being embedded in the tooth.

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    You must make the decision to go to the dentist and choose well because it is important that this technique is performed with the best material. The difference is in achieving an optimal result since, when performing the curettage, the pain will be less.

    In addition, the better the equipment, the less time will be invested in carrying out the scraping and smoothing.

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    Does it apply in all cases?

    It depends on the severity and the effect on the teeth of the periodontitis. It is necessary to correctly evaluate and diagnose the case.

    Curettage and smoothing are applied in case the periodontal pockets are greater than 3 millimeters. For this reason, it is so important to be checked by a specialist.

    Proper scraping technique:

    The periodontology’s can perform the technique with a curette or with an ultrasonic cleaner.

    – First anesthesia is applied.

    – The dentist slowly removes the bacterial plaque and tartar downwards, in the periodontal pocket.

    – Once removed, the tooth surface is smoothed and polished in the root area.

    The objective is that the gum can return to a healthy state and makes it difficult for new plaque to accumulate in the roots. It is a treatment that has a preventive effect to prevent you from suffering.

    Of course, as a patient, you must do your part to improve daily oral hygiene and maintain regular check-ups. If not, it is impossible to avoid these types of diseases.

    If you have inflammation of your gums, they bleed or you see pus in any area of ​​your mouth, you should go to the dentist. Do not hesitate to contact the team of professionals at Ensmile, in Lahore. We will be happy to help you!