Clear Aligners

    Currently, there are different types of orthodontics. On the one hand, there are the traditional methods based on the same technology: brackets joined by a metal arch and that vary based on the material they are made of (metal, sapphire, etc.

    On the other hand, there is transparent orthodontics, whose best-known brand is Invisalign.

    The appearance of invisible or transparent braces, together with the increase in the desire for a beautiful smile, has caused an increase in the demand for orthodontic treatments.


    What is Invisible Orthodontics?

    It is the most innovative and in-demand orthodontic treatment at the moment, mainly due to the lower aesthetic impact it entails. This system uses transparent plastic sleeves instead of the traditional metal arch to move the teeth.

    How does invisible orthodontic treatment work?

    To begin with, it is essential to carry out a detailed study of the patient’s mouth from which it will be possible, through a virtual simulation, to establish the desired final result. From there, the evolution of the changes that will take us from one to another is established. This evolution will be carefully planned and shapes the covers that will take us to our desired smile.

    As we have already mentioned, instead of using traditional braces, this type of orthodontics uses transparent plastic covers called aligners, custom-made, designed in a personalized way with respect to the contour of your teeth. Every 7-15 days the covers are changed, they are used and discarded in the order established for each of them. Each of these covers gradually move and align your teeth towards the chosen position and through controlled and programmed movements.

    Your orthodontist will monitor the progress of the treatment at all times and adjust it to improve its effectiveness. To adjust it, you will use attachments, which are small composite devices that are placed on the surface of some teeth and that help the splint to generate the necessary force and direction so that each tooth moves to the desired final position.

    Advantages and disadvantages of invisible orthodontics

    Advantages of invisible orthodontics


    Normally we relate orthodontic treatment to orthodontics with children and adolescents, but the truth is that there is no age to correct deviations in the bite and position of the teeth. The adult population is increasingly interested in treating and preserving their teeth, and thanks to a new generation of orthodontic treatments such as Invisalign, they are able to do so with less aesthetic impact on their daily lives.

    The aligners are transparent and, therefore, it is more difficult for an observer to discover that you have orthodontics. {Being removable, you can decide to take it off at a certain time for a special occasion, although this is inadvisable since, for effective treatment, it is convenient to wear it for about 22 hours a day.

    Invisible Orthodontist



    It does not produce scratches or difficulties when speaking. In addition, the movement of the teeth is more gradual and constant, changing the splint 3 or 4 times a month, while in traditional orthodontic methods the adjustment is once month, the change being much more abrupt and annoying.


    Being a type of removable orthodontics, cleaning is facilitated, both of your mouth when brushing and of the device itself. In addition, there are no restrictions on the type of food, you just have to remove it before and put it back after eating.



    Every one or two months you will have to visit your orthodontist for a check-up, but these will be much shorter and more pleasant than with traditional orthodontics. A large part of the aligners will be placed by you, at home. The reviews will focus on analyzing the progress of the treatment and making minor adjustments to it.


    The final result is determined from the very beginning of the treatment by computer, and you will be able to see the progress through the projections made by your orthodontist in the simulation software.

    Disadvantages of invisible orthodontics

    It is also worth talking about the drawbacks that transparent orthodontics entails compared to other types of orthodontics, since, although this provides many advantages that make it a very interesting option, before facing a treatment, all aspects of it must be assessed, as well as like our own personal circumstances.

    Being removable, it depends on the patient’s will to put it on, that is, if there is no proof, the treatment will lose effectiveness. For this reason, it is considered adult orthodontics, since it requires responsibility not to constantly put it on and take it off for comfort. Before getting involved in this treatment, we must be willing to commit to bringing it to fruition, otherwise, it is better to opt for other types of orthodontics.

    Second, its other drawback is its higher price compared to more traditional orthodontic methods.

    Does invisible braces work?

    That’s right, it is a high quality treatment and as effective as traditional methods.

    Which is better, invisible braces or braces?

    With both systems we can achieve very good results, the choice of technique will depend on each particular case and must be diagnosed by your orthodontist.

    Frequently asked questions about invisible orthodontics:

    How long does the transparent orthodontic treatment last?

    It depends on the complexity of each case and is generally comparable to traditional treatments.

    Can you eat and drink with transparent braces?

    With this type of orthodontics there are no restricted foods. You can eat as much as you want, as long as the aligners are removed first.


    Can you smoke with aligners on?

    The harmful components of tobacco alter the bacterial balance, favoring the formation of dental plaque as well as altering the color of the teeth.

    In the case of splints, tobacco stains and discolors them, thus losing that advantage conferred by their aesthetic properties. Therefore, it is recommended not to smoke while wearing them. However, if you smoke constantly, it is advisable not to remove the splints so as not to reduce their time of use and, therefore, reduce their effectiveness.


    Does it interfere with speaking?

    As with traditional braces, there may be an initial adjustment period to having something new in your mouth. However, after this brief period of adaptation, the transparent brace does not interfere with speech at all.

    What material are aligners made of?

    The aligners are made of a high-strength thermoplastic polymer and custom designed for each patient. In addition, due to the absence of metals in its composition, it is the indicated treatment for patients with allergies to said components.

    The importance of professional control

    In all orthodontic treatment, planning, control and monitoring by the orthodontist throughout the entire treatment is essential

    At Ensmile, our orthodontist will analyze the viability of the invisible orthodontic system in your case and will plan the treatment to improve your smile. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us.