Invisible Braces in Pakistan-A Clear Way to a Winning Smile

Invisible Braces In Pakistan

At Ensmile we believe that smiling is the prelude to happiness and that the world lacks smiles. That is why we have set out to inspire them. And we do it by putting something as exclusive as the invisible Braces in Pakistan, available to everyone; within reach of any pocket.

Because a perfect smile should only measure your degree of happiness in every moment of your life, not your financial capacity.  Your smile is already perfect, real and genuine. You just need to decide to show it off.

A smile changes everything:

With this simple gesture you are able to reassure, give confidence, comfort, cheer up and achieve everything you set your mind to. Your smile says a lot about you and your feelings. If you hide it, you also hide your soul.

The Ensmile, in Lahore, want your smile to look as natural and beautiful as possible. Because your smile is unique and genuine like you. 

Inspiring smiles:

A smile is the maximum expression of a person’s soul; it is the gesture that transforms the intangible into the perceptible; the abstract in real. That’s why we like real, genuine and perfect smiles.

At Ensmile we help real people who have genuine smiles but who do not dare to wear them because they think they are not perfect. We want the whole world to smile, for you to smile and to show your soul in each of your smiles. Without complex. Without fear of disappointment.

What is invisible Braces in Pakistan:

It is a practically invisible, aesthetic and removable orthodontic treatment that allows you to beautify your smile without others noticing. Unlike fixed Braces, this system does not cause the transparent ferrules wounds or sores as a consequence of the friction of the material itself cause the brackets conventional in the mouth of the patient.

Aesthetic Braces without pain, eat and drink what you want!The final result of invisible braces is more precise and faster than that of traditional Braces with metal braces.

Ensmile Dentist

The patient knows the result in advance, thanks to the computer software of the Invisalign system that virtually simulates the movement that the teeth will carry out during Braces. The desired dental position is achieved thanks to the correcting effect of transparent aligners that are changed every 7-15 days until the treatment is completed.

When to opt for an Invisible Braces Treatment in Pakistan?

The main reason why many patients resort to Invisalign Braces is to aesthetically improve their teeth, avoiding the appearance of unsightly braces, while the treatment is being performed. Despite this, another benefit of Braces in adults is to guarantee correct oral health.

From our Ensmile, we are aware that transparent Braces is an effective treatment against dental malocclusions. Namely; acts by correcting dental crowding, diastema, crossbite, protrusion and overbite. Thanks to the fact that it aligns the upper and lower teeth, achieving a symmetrical smile in harmony with the facial features.

In which cases is invisible Braces in Pakistan recommended:

Most dentists recommend it only in the simplest cases because complicated treatments are often quite expensive. Hence the idea that this type of Braces is not suitable for complex cases.

But that is a myth:

Dental correction using custom invisible aligners can be used in most cases , with very few exceptions, and at Ensmile we offer you a fair and closed price so that the only surprise that your Braces causes you is to know your new smile.

Advantages of invisible Braces in Pakistan:

  1. Greater comfort and hygiene. No gadgets!
  2. Maximum discretion and aesthetics, practically invisible.
  3. Faster treatment than with braces. Ultra-accurate!
  4. You can see the result before starting the treatment.