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Choose the convenience of Invisalign or invisible braces in Pakistan to quickly get a beautiful smile and straight teeth. Invisalign braces are transparent and therefore virtually invisible when you wear the braces. 

Every 8 weeks you will receive a new set of bits that move your teeth into the desired position step by step. For example, with Invisalign braces, straight teeth and a radiant smile can be achieved within 5 to 16 months on average.

The treatment Of Invisible Braces in Pakistan

1. Intake by our Invisalign consultants

During the first consultation, you will meet the Invisalign consultant and discuss your wishes and expectations together.

 During this consultation, color photos, a digital scan of your teeth, and an X-ray will be taken and we will draw up a treatment plan for you. There is also enough time to answer your questions about the options, duration, and costs of the treatment. We will also ask you to sign the quotation for approval.

2. Invisalign CLIN check: digital treatment plan and statement of approval

If you want to continue with the treatment and have signed the quote, we will make a CLIN check in collaboration with Invisalign. This is a digital translation of your treatment in the form of animation.

 You will receive all information regarding your braces, the expected treatment time, and the expected costs. In a Lite case, the posture deviation is mild and up to 14 braces are required for the treatment. If the misalignment is greater and more than 14 aligners are required, we speak of a Comprehensive case.

3. Placement of Invisalign aligners:

On the day the braces are fitted, you will receive all instructions from us on how to best handle your Invisalign braces and care for your teeth. You can use the My Invisalign app to properly monitor the progress of your treatment. Highly recommended!

4. Controls and end of treatment

During the important checkups, we check whether the Lite or Comprehensive treatment is going according to plan and whether the teeth follow properly in the braces. If in the end, the result is satisfactory, you can scan for the Invisalign night braces and the treatment is ready. If extra braces are needed for an optimal result, these extra aligners can be ordered by making a new scan

The benefits of the invisible braces In Pakistan:

  • Painless treatment
  • Transparent and see-through
  • Comfortable and removable
  • Teeth are easier to clean
  • Keep eating what you want
  • Fast and effective
  • A bracket without metal
  • Sports is possible


The plastic bits bring your teeth into the desired position step by step so that the dentist does not have to adjust or tighten your braces periodically.  Invisible braces in Pakistan are therefore experienced as painless.

Comfortable and removable:

Invisible braces in Pakistan are removable and very comfortable.

Keep eating everything:

Remove the bracket to prevent food from remaining in it. So you can continue to eat whatever you want.

No metal:

Invisible braces In Pakistan are made of plastic, which provides more comfort.

Transparent and see-through:

The invisible braces are made of transparent plastic and are therefore virtually invisible when worn. Invisalign braces are therefore also known as invisible braces.

Easy cleaning:

Your teeth are easier to clean because the braces are removable.

A fast and effective result:

With Invisalign braces, the desired result can be achieved within 5 to 16 months on average.

Sports are possible:

With Invisalign braces, you can exercise safely: no metal that can injure you or other players.

Why Invisalign braces?

Like other fixed braces, Invisible braces in Pakistan are used to give you an attractive and radiant smile. In addition to a beautiful, confident appearance, the purpose of the braces is to obtain clean and hygienic teeth.

 When your teeth are crooked, it is more difficult to keep them clean. If teeth and molars are not clean and hygienic, this can lead to complaints and problems with your teeth, such as caries, gum disease, and loss of teeth. 

It is therefore advisable to periodically schedule an appointment with our dental hygienist during and after the braces treatment.

In addition to aesthetics and hygiene, we also use these braces for:

  • Prevent and remedy wear and tear on teeth, possibly with the aid of aesthetic dentistry;
  • Prevent and repair gum damage by adjusting the bite;
  • Prevent and remedy complaints of the temporomandibular joint by correctly connecting the jaws;
  • Improve speech and solve problems by correcting the position of the teeth and jaws.