Invisible Braces in Pakistan: Types, What They Are, How They Work

    What are invisible braces?

    Invisible braces in Lahore has become the favorite solution for adult patients , especially those who work in front of the public and who prefer not to have to give explanations about the reasons that have pushed them to align their smile.

    The invisible braces, as its name suggests, includes all those orthodontic treatments that are aimed to be discrete. The idea that reinforces this type of transparent solution is to offer a more aesthetic alternative to traditional metal braces so that the patient feels more comfortable and self-confident. 

    The invisible braces in Lahore allow you to straighten the dental alignment gently. This invisible orthodontic treatment consists of moving the teeth using a series of gutters.

    The dental trays are made of transparent plastic which makes them invisible. This treatment also offers great convenience. Unlike other braces, invisible braces in Lahore are removable. It is then possible to remove them during meals and for drinking (except water) and on quite exceptional occasions.



    Types Of invisible braces:

    When you think about Invisible braces, probably the first thing that comes to mind is sapphire or porcelain braces. However, these brackets belong to Aesthetic Braces. Which is undoubtedly another good alternative if you do not want to show a smile with metal appliances. However, they are still perceptible to anyone’s eyes. 

    We basically consider 2 types of Invisible Orthodontics: 


    The Lingual braces are ideal for all those people concerned about their physical appearance and the appearance of their smile. They are the only totally invisible metal braces. 

    This because they are installed on the inner surface of the teeth. Thus, allowing the smile to be aligned without anyone noticing. Invisible Braces in Lahore, like conventional orthodontics, it fulfills the function of straightening the teeth in order to achieve maxillary relationships that improve the functionality of the bite and the patient’s aesthetics.


    The first step is to consult with an Orthodontic specialist. The Orthodontist will take a dental impression, photographs, panoramic and cephalometric X-rays, as part of the orthodontic diagnosis. Later, the specialist will analyze and plan the case according to the complexity.

    The next step will be to install the brackets on the inside of the teeth, after conditioning the teeth and with the help of a special resin for bonding the brackets. This procedure is usually more thorough compared to installing conventional brackets, due to the position in which the appliance must be located.

    Visits to the specialist will be every 3 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of the case, to verify the progress of the treatment, as well as to make the necessary adjustments on the wire that joins the brackets together. This action helps to place constant tension on the teeth, in order to achieve the desired position. 


    Orthodontist in lahore

    This treatment is not suitable for all cases. Your orthodontist will be able to offer you the invisible orthodontic treatment best suited to your case. Also, this technique requires great rigor because the device must be worn at least 22 hours a day.

    Finally, once the treatment period is over, the orthodontist will remove the lingual brackets. It is normal for the patient to have some slight discomfort and some difficulty speaking during the first days after the braces are installed. As the days go by, these discomforts will dissipate. 



    As with conventional braces, these work through a system of brackets and wires attached to the teeth. In each session with the orthodontist, pressure will be exerted on them until reaching the proper position, and thus correct the problem of malocclusion that the patient has. 


    The Invisalign is, without a doubt, the best option for those patients who, in addition to seeking greater aesthetics and total imperceptibility of the treatment, are seeking greater comfort. 

    This treatment consists of the application of invisible or transparent aligners, which are manufactured through 3D computer programs, thus generating a virtual simulation of the patient’s teeth. The objective is the same, to correct the patient’s bite.


    First, impressions of the patient’s dental arch, intraoral and extraoral photographs, panoramic and cephalometric radiography of the patient will be taken. With this, the dentist will obtain a comprehensive orthodontic diagnosis to make a personalized plan, based on the level of complexity and the duration of the treatment. 

    There are 4 types of invisible aligners, their characteristics will differ according to their degree of complexity. Each of these aligners are adapted to the model of the bite already corrected, as the treatment progresses.  These Invisible braces in Lahore will be worn for approximately 15 days. After that period of time, the aligners should be changed every month, with the necessary modifications, for the correct adjustment of the teeth. 



    During each visit to the orthodontist, the patient will receive a set of invisible aligners that you will need to wear for about 15 days. At the end of this period, you must use the following pair of aligners and so on. 

    These aligners exert pressure on the teeth, thus causing micro-movements in the teeth, in order to align them optimally. For the treatment to work properly, the invisible aligner must be worn for at least 22 hours a day. Removing it only to eat and brush your teeth. 


    Invisible braces for whom?

    Invisible braces can be prescribed for adolescent treatments and adult treatments. Not all invisible dental appliances are suitable for all cases and your possible aesthetic constraints.

    Whatever your situation, Ensmile will be able to offer you the most suitable treatment. Simply make an appointment in our orthodontic office located in Johar Town to carry out your dental examination. If at the end of the treatment, the orthodontic specialist considers that even better results can be obtained, it is possible to use an additional set of transparent aligners. 



    They are imperceptiblesince they are on the inside of the teeth.

    The patient will be able to clearly appreciate the progress of the treatment.

    They are smaller than conventional brackets, therefore, they provide greater comfort.

     It will not generate a bulge in the area of the lips, since the equipment is installed on

    The inside.

     It does not damage tooth enamel, nor does it generate visible stains on them.

    Allows better oral hygiene during treatment.

    The treatment is not painful.


    – It is totally imperceptible.

    1. – Being removable, it allows the patient to eat comfortably.
    2. – It allows the patient to perform a correct and deep daily oral hygiene, during the treatment.
    3. – The patient can see on the screen, from the beginning of the treatment, what the final result of their smile will be, thanks to advanced software.
    4. – They are more comfortable than any other type of Orthodontics.
    5. – It does not produce sores or wounds like fixed appliances.

    If you are interested in starting your orthodontic treatment with any of these options, do not hesitate to visit an Orthodontist specialist and pass the respective prior consultation. 


    Invisible braces In Lahore:

    At ensmile Lahore, we specialize in a single type of treatment, invisible braces, and we do it with transparent aligners that progressively move your teeth until the desired result is achieved.

    To carry out the treatment, we invite the patient to make a first face-to-face consultation, where our orthodontists make a first oral-dental study to determine if the patient is suitable or not to start the treatment. 

    We perform an intra-oral and panoramic X-ray to detect dental pathologies to be treated prior to treatment, and a 3D scanner. The 3D scanner allows us to obtain high quality and precision images of the patient’s teeth and serves as a starting point for the creation of a 100% personalized treatment

    We invest all our resources in obtaining the best technology on the market, we produce all the necessary aligners to carry out the treatment from the 3D scanner and we deliver the complete kit to the patient at the beginning of the process.

    For follow-up, the patient has the option of consulting their orthodontist in the clinic or having their teeth scanned with their mobile phone and sending it directly to their doctor through our professional dental app. The orthodontist gives his approval to change the aligners or invites the patient to come to the clinic if necessary.