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Invisalign vs Braces: Which treatment is better?

Invisalign vs braces

This question Invisalign vs braces is more and more frequent and even so, there is no technique better than another, each one has different characteristics with its advantages and disadvantages from economic differences to questions of preferences of both the professional and the patient. What is decisive is the diagnosis and knowing what to do in each case.

The different appliances are tools and it is the orthodontist’s responsibility to know and master the different techniques with a solid base of braces knowledge, biology and biomechanics. There are good and bad treatments with Braces and Invisalign or any other appliance. Who does the treatment is the orthodontist. That is why the best technique is to put yourself in the hands of good orthodontists.

A brief comparison of Invisalign vs Braces.

It is true that orthodontists have been mastering and knowing in depth the Braces techniques of fixed appliances (Braces) for many years and achieving very satisfactory results, especially when incorporating low friction Braces that have allowed an advance in modern braces by using light forces in braces movements.

Also the appearance of aesthetic Braces, made of sapphire or porcelain or lingual Braces, have allowed an increase in patients, especially adults with braces, by providing a solution to the traditional metal Braces placed in the vestibular area (visible part of the tooth) that they are very unsightly for many patients.

Braces provide the orthodontist with a magnificent tool to achieve the desired results based on a good diagnosis and a correct treatment plan in all types of malocclusions.

A good orthodontist must know the handling of the different bracket (Invisalign vs braces) techniques in order to select the type of technique that he considers best to treat his patients.

At Ensmile, low friction TIP EDGE Braces are used, considered the best technique with tooth movement in a controlled version, first coronal and then root, as opposed to egression of the teeth that serve as anchors. Therefore the forces we use are physiological and very light.

Braces are followed and will continue to be used in cases where the patient so chooses for various reasons such as the possibility of lack of collaboration, for economic reasons (although the Incognito technique has a high cost generally more than the Invisible Braces Technique, Invisalign) or in many cases in cases of Braces with orthognathic surgery by surgical prescription for the time of surgery and subsequent cerclage.

MultiBraces appliances have been used and will continue to be used and will have to continue developing permanent R&D to adapt and compete with the incorporation of new technologies in the field of braces. One can also read about invisible braces price in Pakistan and how it works.

Is Invisalign dominating braces treatment in 2021?

The incorporation of Invisalign Treatment  for more than 20 years and with an unimaginable and unstoppable R&D, has made it possible to have a tool with technological features that allow the orthodontist based on a good diagnosis to carry out planning and sequencing with greater control than with fixed appliances.

Innovative and avant-garde technique    with transparent aligners   that is demanded by the patient for being aesthetic, invisible, comfortable … but what makes it really different is for the benefits that allow the orthodontist individualized control of each tooth, three-dimensional, asymmetric movements and anchoring Determining differential for the sequence of tooth movement.

The aligner technique is frictionless, which allows tooth movements to be very smooth and physiological, with the well-being and health repercussions that this has for the patient. The development of the Clin Check (virtual plan of dental movements) determined by the diagnosis is key to the correct sequence and biology and not to produce Iatrogenesis as can occur with fixed appliances.

In recent years, more commercial aligner braces brands have appeared due to the revolution and the commercial impact of this technique, although so far Invisalign treatment has the best software that allows it to digitally and dynamically simulate tooth movements, exerting forces on the entire surface of the teeth, unlike the braces forces exerted by the Braces appliances and all this with a predictability of almost 98%. What gives the Invisalign system unique benefits?

What are the differences between Braces and Invisalign?

While comparing Invisalign vs Braces the difference for patients are clear since Invisalign are removable aligners that are removed to eat and brush. In addition to comfort and aesthetics, the forces applied to the teeth are very mild and practically annoying because they occur on the entire surface of the plastic.

It does not produce so frequent sores in the Braces and there are no emergencies.

In addition, we can sequence longer-term treatments in visits to the clinic, thus allowing patients who are outside the city where their trusted orthodontist is to be treated.

There are many patients who for work reasons are displaced outside of Spain and who come to the consultation every 2-3 months, the orthodontist being able to perfectly control the treatment and also with the assurance that there will be no urgency, deboning….

For the orthodontist who knows in depth the Invisalign System has a Technique with more advanced features and with a biomechanics of greater control in tooth movements.

In addition, in cases of periodontal patients, Invisalign is more suitable as it is able to sequence the amount of movement and act individually and by being able to brush without appliances, it allows control of the bacterial plaque that is essential in the control of periodontal disease.

In patients with joint problems, the aligners have a discharge splint effect by not colliding tooth with tooth as they are protected with the aligners.

Invisalign vs braces: What then is the best?

The best thing is to put yourself in good hands. Choose an orthodontist with experience and who knows the most cutting-edge appliances and who can offer you the best results.

The reality is that the Invisalign Invisible Braces Aligner Technique has favored that many patients, especially adults, come to the consultations requesting information to be able to be treated brace sally. Some with the idea that their case cannot be treated due to the complexity of their malocclusion and that is not true.

Each case must be studied and diagnosed since the complexity of the treatment is always in the diagnosis and the best orthodontists will have the tools in the different techniques to seek the best results.

The best option is to put yourself in good hands. Find out beforehand who is the specialist who is going to treat you.