clear aligners invisalign

    At Ensmile, clear aligners Invisalign for teeth is one of the most widely used forms of dental correction today. More and more people prefer it, because it has many advantages over the traditional orthodontic model.

     What patients usually look for in an orthodontic appliance is that it is as least annoying and as painless as possible, and that it is also discreet, all conditions that are perfectly met by this invisible correction.

    The traditional forms of orthodontics are being displaced in our days by more innovative and more efficient ones, and that also are less annoying to the patient who has to intervene.

     In addition, at Ensmile as we are talking about is Invisalign treatment, it is especially suitable for people who have always been hostile to dental correction, for aesthetic reasons and because it could be too noticeable in public. 

    Well, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. Invisible braces provides many comforting the patient’s day-to-day life and its transparent splints represent an extraordinary technological advance. We are going to see in more detail the advantages of these orthodontic treatments.

    The clear aligners Invisalign dental corrector: Main advantages

    We are talking, then, of a corrective dental treatment that implies a series of advantages and benefits that make it especially requested by many people today. They are transparent, washable and also removable covers, so they differ from the annoying wires traditionally used to rectify the position of teeth. Next, let’s see an overview of the main advantages if we choose this specific option:

    • Its very invisibility makes it highly preferable to many aesthetically. So much so, that this type of orthodontics is imperceptible at a distance of half a meter, which allows the patient to maintain greater self-esteem in their social relationships. This is one of the best known benefits of the Invisalign invisible braces for teeth.
    • It avoids the annoying and dangerous phenomenon known as root resorption: that is, that the constant pressure on the root of the teeth, that is, can cause the loss of root tissue and the tooth itself. One of the dental health complications that traditional orthodontic treatment can cause.
    • Without a doubt, Invisalign invisible braces is a much more comfortable treatment than previous options. As the aligners of the dental arches themselves do not cause any discomfort, nor do they hurt, nor do they cause allergic reactions or greater sensitivity in the mouth, it can be said that it is a much more bearable alternative when correcting the position of our teeth.
    • Traditional orthodontics causes hygiene problems for the mouth, teeth and gums, due to the very position of the wires, which hinder the dental and interdental brush, dental floss, etc. In this case, it is also a very preferable therapy to fixed brackets, since, being removable, it greatly facilitates daily oral hygiene.
    • It is not necessary to go so many times to the dentist, clinic or specialized dental center. In fact, the periodicity of the reviews is much more spaced: it occurs every two months, more or less. As the patient himself can replace the clear aligners (as replacement ones are provided), such frequent intervention by dental professionals is not necessary when there is any damage or problem with the correction device.

    Other advantages Of Clear Aligners Invisalign:

    Invisalign clear aligners
    •  If the patient usually plays musical instruments, these aligners can be removed so that they do not interfere with his musical practice. And also, if you are a regular practitioner of so-called contact sports, the same Invisalign cover can act as a tooth protector.
    • On the other hand, they are covers that can accommodate multiple uses and functions: among them, they are also valid to correct the annoying problem of teeth grinding, also called bruxism, and that causes discomfort, pain, and dangerous gradual wear of the teeth.
    • They are very resistant to breakage covers, and the patient can replace them with a replacement in the event that they suffer any damage.
    • They can also be used as covers for teeth whitening, with the use of certain chemical additives that are used for these purposes.