It is often said that “A smile costs nothing but it buys everything”.

    A healthy smile can make you feel more confident and uplifts your mood. On the other hand, if someone is conscious or complexed about his smile, he will try to hide it from the world.

    Smiling has numerous physical benefits. In addition to the endorphins people released, studies show that smiling can also help lower blood sugar and blood pressure, reduced stress, boost immune systems, and release natural painkillers and serotonin.

    Ensmile has been on a mission to treat a complex problem of misaligned teeth through a modern solution i.e., Clean Aligners. Previously, a lot of people with misaligned teeth used to avoid going for orthodontic treatment of metal braces due to a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are:

    • Clear visibility of metallic braces that changes the smile and facial expressions of a person.
    • These Metal braces are fixed and their wires are painful for the gums.
    • Chewing food is also very challenging with these metal braces and a lot of people fail to eat solid meals and maintain oral hygiene.
    • Metal braces are irritating and uncomfortable.
    • Results cannot be visualized until you go through the painful treatment of metal braces


    On the contrary, aligners are invisible and does not change the smile or facial expressions of person wearing it. These aligners are easily removable which gives a much-needed usage flexibility to orthodontic patients. Unlike the painful and irritating brackets, aligners are elegant, aesthetic and comfortable. These aligners are not painful and one does not have to go through the painful treatment to visualize the results.


    Another challenge attached to metal braces is that one has to go through lengthy procedures and appointments which becomes very difficult in a metropolitan city like Lahore due to heavy traffics and busy life. However, with aligners, very few visits are required and appointment timings are shorter as compared to the ones needed for metal brackets treatment. Aligners also gives one an opportunity to whiten his teeth using a whitening gel.


    In conclusion, we can safely say that our teeth’s hygiene, shape and alignment constitute a huge part of our personality and facial expressions and it is very important for one to address the problem of misaligned teeth.


    Fortunately, Ensmile, in the light of the vision of its astute CEO Mr. Gohar Mirza, provides that easy, economical and comfortable solution to the problem of misaligned teeth. It helps to maintain one of the best beauty remedies of human being which is A beautiful Smile!