It is a matter of great pride for Ensmile Pakistan to have featured in one of the leading German newspaper “Hamburg”.  This article in Hamburg explains the usability and significance of Ensmile product – Aligners.

    These aligners are specially designed for adults and do not correct the teeth with metal elements or braces, but with transparent plastic splints manufactured using 3D printing.


    The article explains that these aligners are delivered to six well-known clinics in Germany, among others.

    These aligners are made using a 3-D image technology of invisible braces. To ensure the accuracy and precision, impression of upper and lower teeth are taken with a highly precise material. Using advanced technology, Invisalign transforms your plaster casts into a highly accurate three-dimensional digital image.

    The main advantages of aligners over braces is that the times are shorter in the treatments. In addition, we do not invade the patient’s routine because the aligners can be removed and lead a normal life, whether they are a teenager, a child or an adult”.


    In the light of the vision of its astute Mr. Gohar Rehman Mirza , provides that easy, economical and comfortable solution to the problem of misaligned teeth. It helps to maintain one of the best beauty remedies of human being which is A Beautiful Smile!

    Ensmile’s vision is to provide best dental solution in the supervision of best orthodontics all around the globe. With its Market expansion strategy around the globe, Ensmile has already set its firm footings in the markets of more than twenty countries including Pakistan, UAE, UK, US, Europe, Germany and Singapore.

    This Ensmile’s feature published in Hamburg can be accessed from here.