Best Clear Aligners Or Invisalign Treatment In Lahore Pakistan

    The Clear Aligners Invisalign system consists of transparent, aesthetic and removable dental aligners, called Transparent Sequenced Aligners (AST), made to measure, with a computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD / CAM).

    Both Invisalign and Clear Aligner are treatments that require the use of removable braces for about 22 hours a day and offer faster results than fixed braces.

    Clear Braces or Invisalign

    If you would like to correct your teeth without using braces, two good options for aesthetic orthodontic braces are Invisalign and Clear Aligner, which use a system of trays (aligners) practically invisible, dispensing with brackets and metal wires.

    Both treatments are based on the use of orthodontic aligners made with a soft and transparent material that adapts perfectly to the patient’s oral structure, as they are produced from highly accurate and personalized impressions.


    Reliability And Success Of The Clear

    The success in the treatment will depend on the orthodontist, on his experience and knowledge, not only of the Invisalign technique but fundamentally on his KNOWLEDGE OF ORTHODONTICS, in this way he will achieve THE BEST TREATMENT for each patient and invisible braces to measure.

    The development of the ENSMILE APP, (computer application) is the key tool for planning and sequencing the objectives of each individualized treatment to the biological characteristics of each patient. Once the system has been developed by the orthodontist for clear aligners Invisalign, the patient will be able to visualize the simulation of the movements until the final result.

    Each movement is a transparent aligner and the time of use of each one of them is between 10-15 days, individualizing the characteristics of the movement and the biological moment of each patient. The importance of monitoring and of the precise actions to determine the excellence of the treatment, as happens with the treatments with fixed appliances.

    Treatment With Auxiliary Equipment

    On certain occasions, we will need to perform an auxiliary treatment with orthodontic techniques before or during the treatment with the Transparent Aligners. For the auxiliary treatment, buttons or cuts can be used mainly to use elastics.

    The use of mini-screws as in fixed appliances is necessary on certain occasions, although the design of correct biomechanics with Invisalign allows us to have maximum control of the differential anchoring and thus minimize the need for their use.

    Types Of Clear Aligners Invisalign

    The types of Clear Aligners Invisalign are determined by the number of aligners determined at ENSMILE, (sequence of virtual movements).

    Clear Aligners Invisalign Comprehensive:

    It is the one that allows us too safely and without limitation of aligners to solve all kinds of cases. And achieve the objectives that an orthodontic treatment must meet

    Invisalign Lite:

    With a maximum of 14 aligners in the 1st phase, it is for simple cases such as orthodontic recurrences, slight crowding, or treatments prior to dental aesthetics.

    Invisalign Express:

    With a maximum of 7 aligners. It is used in very mild cases.

    Clear Aligners Invisalign

    Invisalign Teen And First

    With the same technology as Invisalign aligners, it is a treatment designed especially for adolescents but with special characteristics:

    1. Provides the confidence of a good smile at a key moment
    2. Can brush and floss normally
    3. The color change indicators on the aligner inform us of the wear time
    4. Special functions to compensate the dentition of the canines, second premolars
    5. Up to six replacement aligners (free of charge) in case of loss or breakage.


    Advantages Of Invisalign

    1. MAXIMUM AESTHETICS: The main advantage is aesthetics, which, being translucent, blends in with the color of the teeth.
    2. REMOVABLE: It is the second great advantage. As it is removable, the patient can take it off to eat, or even in special situations or events.
    3. COMFORT: Preparation of the aligners with the taking of a single impression at the beginning of the treatment.
    4. IMPROVES ORAL HYGIENE: After eating, the patient will be able to brush their teeth normally and put the aligners back on.
    5. DIFFERENTIAL MOVEMENTS: With Invisalign, we can choose which tooth to move and which tooth not to move. We can also decide the amount, type, and exact moment of movement.
    6. VISUALIZATION OF THE TREATMENT OBJECTIVES: Thanks to the 3G software we can see the virtual development of the treatment until the desired objectives are achieved.
    7. IT ALLOWS TO KNOW, APPROXIMATELY, THE TREATMENT TIME: Although on certain occasions it may vary, as the clear aligners Invisalign will be worn by the patient for two weeks, we will be able to know the treatment time. For example, if the treatment consists of 20 aligners, as you will take them every 2 weeks, the total duration of the treatment will be approximately 10 months.


    Ensmile Clinic Taking of Occlusal Records With the Intraoral Scanner for Greater Precision in the Treatment:

    1.  Innovation
    2.  A new step forward in the world of orthodontic planning and treatment
    3. Comfort and efficiency


    The only way to reproduce the patient’s teeth until the arrival of the scanner was through silicone registrations. Once taken, they were sent to the Invisalign scanning center (it usually takes 8-10 days for the Doctor to receive it on your Invisalign ID).

    Sometimes it can happen that the impressions are rejected in the scan and suppose a new repetition with the loss of time and delay in the treatment.

    In periodontal patients, recording with silicones is sometimes not advisable and in patients with easy gagging, it becomes an unpleasant process.

    The intraoral scanner allows patient records to be taken quickly and conveniently, providing greater precision and accuracy for the manufacture of transparent aligners and, therefore, greater treatment efficiency.

    After directly scanning the patient’s mouth, a 3D digital image is produced immediately and in real-time. This is received in the Invisalign scanning center practically in real-time, not being able to produce an error in the records because the system itself warns us when they are taken, and not allowing the completion of the shipment if they are not correct.

    At Ensmile we have incorporated the scanner technology and the technological speed has already led us to update ourselves in the new version of the scanner as a clear manifestation of achieving the highest quality in the treatments of our patients.


    Advantages Of The Invisalign Intraoral Scanner

    1. More comfortable
    2. Faster
    3. More precise
    4. Cleaner
    5. More ecological


    It is important to note that the use of invisible aligners is not suitable for everyone. Therefore, the dentist must make an evaluation to indicate the best type of treatment, whether with traditional metal fixed appliances, aesthetic appliances, or invisible aligners.