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How invisible braces can free you From the Scary Barbed Wires and Chains

Benefits of Invisible Braces | Ensmile Pakistan

In recent years, the invisible braces and benefits of invisible braces have become very popular. People want to correct their teeth and improve their smiles without the wires, braces, and physical discomfort of conventional metal braces.

They already say it out there, that “the smile is a curved line that straightens everything.”  That is why we are so concerned about their appearance. Be that as it may, it is a great letter of introduction and, thanks to it, we are able to get closer to other people: there is nothing that brings us closer to our peers than your beautiful smile.

So it was complex because we have the definitive solution so that you stop covering your mouth when you laugh. Discover with us all the benefits of invisible braces we offer you at ENSMILE.

At Ensmile our priority is to offer you the most advanced methods and the latest technologies to improve your oral health and the aesthetics of your smile. For this, we have this type of innovative orthodontics.

What makes them the most different from conventional braces is that their aligners are hardly visible and, in addition, they are removable. The orthodontist, thanks to technology, will design a personalized plan that includes tooth movements and treatment duration, as well as a 3D simulation of the final result.

From time to time, depending on the position of the teeth, the aligners will be changed, repeating this operation until the dentition is fully aligned.

Did you know that clear aligners have been used to treat malocclusion problems in more than five million patients around the world? Its effectiveness is unrivaled.

Benefits of invisible braces:

  1. Comfort: the patient feels much more comfortable when eliminating the classic braces and wires.
  2. It’s aesthetic: no one notices you’re wearing it. You will even forget it yourself!
  3. Effective: Invisalign gives you efficiency from minute one, thanks to its advanced technology.
  4. Removable: you can take it off whenever you want. To eat, to brush your teeth, to attend a meeting, to drink, do not restrict your freedom at any time!
  5. Fast: it is the system that offers the fastest and most visible results.
  6. Made to measure: 3D virtual technology ensures that the aligners are just the right size, just like a glove!
  7. Playing sports has never been so comfortable: Invisalign is the most appropriate orthodontic for athletes.
  8. Price: its cost has been reduced in recent years, so much so that it hardly differs from the traditional system.
  9. Cleaning: being removable, it allows the teeth to be cleaned much better.
  10. Healthy: due to the above reason, the risk of diseases such as tooth decay or gingivitis, in addition to bad breath, is reduced.

Other advantages of invisible braces:

The obvious benefits of invisible braces are their aesthetic value. The aligners are completely transparent, which makes them less noticeable than traditional braces and wire braces.

 This reinforces its appeal among patients who come to correct their tooth misalignment without the strained look of metal braces when smiling.

Since they are removable, eating can be more comfortable, without the inconvenience of eating food with metal appliances.

 Clinically, Invisalign lowers the risk of gum problems that often result from metal braces over time, including tooth decay.

This is said to occur in about 50% of users who use traditional metal braces because cleaning deteriorates like metal braces since they cannot be removed when eating or brushing their teeth.

Treatment duration:

The length of treatment varies from the case situation and the type of invisible braces used. Braces are generally worn for 18 to 24 months, although they can sometimes be worn for longer.

It is true that metal braces work better, as they are made of stronger and more resistant materials. Ceramic braces are also almost invisible and retain the strength of metal braces. Although they tend to be worn for a longer time, precisely because they do not have all the characteristics of metal appliances.

Clear aligner treatment times vary. For example, Invisalign treatment usually requires 20 to 30 aligners for the upper and lower teeth. In general an average of 9 to 15 months to complete treatment. The times of other treatments vary from 12 to 24 months