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Another accomplishment of Ensmile Pakistan! Ensmile held a full day workshop on aligners and its advancements at University Medical and Dental College conducted by Dr Shah Ali Farrukh, Medical Director Ensmile Pakistan. Special Thanks to Dr Mian Farrukh Imran (Acting Principal UMDC), Dr Agha Suhail and Orthodontics Department UMDC for their support and contribution.


Ensmile marks 2nd "One Day Ensmile Workshop" in Lahore on 5th August 2018. Detailed lecture session followed by discussions on Engrips, EBT, Aligners Instruments were main part of the event, delivered by the Medical Director Ensmile (Dr Shah Ali Farrukh). Mirza Ata Ur Rehman, Regional Head Ensmile Asia, was also present at the event. He discussed recent activities in Ensmile and announced future Projects. All the participants were encouraged and guided to do hands-on activitites on how to take a good impression for aligners, how to bond an Engrip and how to activate EBT. Ensmile thanks our teachers and respected guests Dr Agha Suhail, Dr Shabbir Hussain, Dr Rashid Mahmood, Prof Sabir Hussain, Dr Omer Farooq, Dr Zara Masood, Dr Usman Sana, Prof Nadia Bhutta and Prof Rana Modassir for their support and time. We also had 100 % Free Case winner through Lucky Draw Contest.


"One Day Ensmile Workshop" in Multan on 8th JUlY 2018. Held on 8th July 2018, a full day workshop and lecture on aligners was very much successfully conducted. Asia's Regional Head of Ensmile, Mr. Mirza Ata Ur Rehman, was present at the event and announced the future plans of the company in Pakistan particularly. A very information lecture and workshop was conducted by Dr Shah Ali Farrukh, Medical Director of Ensmile Pakistan. We would say a huge thanks to Dr. Zubair Ahmed Awaisi for being the honourable guest at the event with Dr Sohaib Hassan, Dr Waqar Jillani, Dr. Shugufta Kanwal, Dr. Sabahat Fatteh.


"One Day Ensmile Workshop" in Gujrat on 24th JUNE 2018. A complete day workshop on aligners held in Gujrat on 24th June 2018. Ensmile Team at the Workshop: Dr Shah Ali Farrukh, Medical Director Ensmile Pakistan
Dr Muniba Bilal, Medical Coordinator
Imaan Zubair, Manager Technical Support
Gohar Rehman, Manager Quality Assurance


"One Day Ensmile Workshop" in Sialkot on 12th May 2018. A complete day workshop on aligners held in Sialkot on 12th May 2018.


DentFest was the biggest volunteer event of dental students held on 29th April 2018, at Grandiel 8 Marquee, Lahore having more than 400 participants from different colleges of Punjab i.e. FMH, LMDC, FARYAL, DEMON’T, UMDC, MMDC, MARGALLA and others organised by DentFest team and supported by Ensmile Ltd. UK, embraced huge success. Ensmile's booth and activity area which included the learning activities for the students i.e. hands-on impression exercise & demonstration and other guidelines regarding aligners treatment, fun activities and Ensmile special gifts for the participants, was the event's center of attraction.
Dr Shah Ali Farrukh, Medical Director - Ensmile, delivered lecture on “Basics of Aligner Treatment” in a very simple way to build conceptual approach towards orthodontics with removable aligners. Ensmile also announced winner of 100% free Ensmile Case through lucky draw. At the end “Ensmile Introductory Course” certificates were given to the participants.
We pay special thanks to Prof. Rana Modassir, Dr. Zubair Hassan Awaisi, Dr. Agha Sohail, Dr. Shabbir Hussain, Dr. Bilal Shiekh, Dr. Ali Raza Syed, Dr. Saadat Ali, Dr. Usman Sana, Dr. Zubair A Khan, Dr. Imran Saleem, Dr Khurram Nadeem and Dr. Basil Kahlid for their kind visit. Dental Health Magazine was the official media partner of the event. “Congratulations Team Dentfest! Your efforts were remarkable.
We wish you more success ahead”- Ata-ur-Rehman, Regional Head - Asia, Ensmile Ltd.